Domestic Terrorism and Hypocrisy

Originally posted on April 29th on an older version of this blog

Hi Everyone,

First off, thanks for the now over 1100 views. That means- on average- 300 people read this blog a month. Hopefully, in some small way- that is me provoking thought and logic and positive change.

I wanted to bring to your attention a small article I read today by LZ Granderson of CNN about the gang violence in Chicago and looking at the gangs as terrorists instead of “just gangs”. I am thinking about using this article in a larger writing later this month, so let me know what you think about it in the comments below or by emailing me at

LZ Granderson

The article- titled “Treat Chicago gangs as terrorists” is linked here. From what I can piece together, it is strange to me how attacks on citizens by citizens is seen as no big deal- something to be handled by local authorities. Yet, we kill ourselves by the hundreds each day- especially in major urban centers riddled by gang violence. However, if someone from another country kills Americans- all hell breaks loose, such as in the Boston bombings case and I think Granderson does a great job of making us realize that hypocrisy. Gangs- American gangs- take more American lives each day than that one attack. Yet no tears are shed nationally for these victims and no stronger action is taken to disband these domestic terrorists (which gangs do fall under the denoted definition of terrorists). We must then ask ourselves- are we really that concerned with American lives? Are we really that concerned with life at all?

Because if we are, we are living a lie.

That’s Where I Stand


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