About this Blog

Inspired by a friend of mine who is taking an endeavor into extrapersonal blogging I thought I would give it a try myself.

I thought long and hard about what I would write about and struggled to find an answer. For him, it was easy. He wanted to be a sports broadcaster so he writes about sports. However, for me it is not so cut and dry.

I want to go into education. I plan to start as a teacher and eventually move to other branches (either policy or administration). While I could easily make this a blog about education, I feel like I wanted it to be more. Education is such a vital part of society and each of our histories that writing only about education in the secondary or post-secondary sense just didn’t appeal to me. It would be too easy.

So what to write about? As I thought about it at work on day, I thought about what I wanted to teach people. When I thought about that, I realized it was not just mysubject area (mathematics) but I wanted to teach people how to attain knowledge for pleasure and use knowledge for understanding. I wanted to talk about the tough topics in a smart way. I want to give logical arguments to have educated conversations about the controversies that plague us as a society and then relate them to education. When I thought about that, it finally came to me.

I wanted to write about controversial topics. I wanted to show people that often there is no right answer but that is no excuse for inaction for the common good and wanted to do that through the basis for truth; Logic. I wanted to try and use logic to dispel and educate and learn from others.

Then came the hard part; finding a name. I thought about things like ‘Chrzan’s Common Sense’ or ‘Chrzan’s Frame of Mind’ and thought that they made me sound a little too narcissistic. So then I looked to those who were more philosophical about controversy and looked for their words of wisdom. It was then I came across this quote:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenges and controversy.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Seeing Dr. King’s quote along with hearing of numerous other controversial topics inspire me to write my own opinions about them. I will try to be unbiased and take i multiple ideas on an issue and make a comprehensive, logically sound argument about what’s going on in our world.

Agree or disagree- I love a good debate- it’s entirely up to you. But this is WHERE I STAND


Added March 23rd, 2014
There’s also a feature portion of this blog! Make sure to check out my posts tagged with #ThisIsRelevant

I’ve decided, from now on, I’m going to roll a tag I’ve been using on Facebook into this blog as well. Every so often, sometimes with numerous posts daily, I will post an article/photo/video/etc. with the tag #ThisIsRelevant. Now, these post will be less objective than my usual writings, so I highly encourage debate about them! They might even spur me to write more objectively about the topics presented, which would be amazing!


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