About Me

my-high-top-fadeMy name is Michael Leon Chrzan.

I am a University of Michigan student passionate about education, specifically urban education, and am working towards finding solutions to the problems facing students in urban environments. I’m a math major because “[it] is the great equalizer” and I want to show people that, although math gets a bad rap, he’s actually very friendly.

I am strong-willed, funny, a little crazy, and usually work-oriented. I am a Gates Millennium and Coca-Cola Scholar. I try to do the right thing, as I can deduce it to be, while always keeping an open mind. Just here to make a difference. Then I’ll get some rest. Who needs sleep anyways?

My home town is Detroit, Michigan; home of the Red Wings, the Tigers, the Lions, the Pistons, Motown, the American Automotive industry, the Renaissance Center, the Riverwalk, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Renaissance High School (my alma matter), etc., etc. I guess you could say I have pride about where I am from. While it’s going through a rough patch right now, I know Detroit can and will rise again from its current ashes and I just hope I can be apart of the assent.

My life has not been what one would call easy or smooth. I have been a victim of domestic violence, gang violence, poverty, self-esteem issues, and many other things but I have always been able to come through. In high school, I garnered a determination that has carried me very far and that determination is this: that I will be the change I want to see in the world.

I still remember the first time I saw that quote by Ghandi. I was in Boston with my high school’s choir on a college tour. From then on I committed myself to one idea: being a positive force for good. That has lead me to this blog.

In my life, a lot of my friends tell me I am always the one who does what’s right and takes the moral high ground. Hearing that really lightens my heart because I do always try to do what is right- knowing that what is right is not always what is easy- and hearing that confirmed by others is a comfort.  But, if I am going to be an example, be the change I want to see in the world, I have to show others that what is right- while difficult- is not impossible. That is what I want to write about. Doing what is right in light of controversy. I don’t proclaim to always know what’s right, Lord knows I don’t, but I do my best and, that’s been pretty damn good so far. But a person shows who they are in controversial times. As Dr. King said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

So. This is Where I Stand


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