Force Perspective

Force Perspective

By now, you have most likely seen the video of the young student from  Spring Valley High School being reprimanded by the resource officer- Ben Fields- so I’ll spare your eyes a posting of the video, but here’s a link. Since the video went viral about two days ago, it has sparked some debate over whether Fields’s actions were justified.

In the video, you see clearly how Fields handles the student, but you don’t know much about how he “went from 0-60”, as Professor Marc Lamont Hill put it, or why he is in the classroom to begin with. As it has been reported, the student in the video was being disruptive to the class by having her cell phone out and not turning it into the teacher when he asked her to give it to him so he could continue with the class. Since she refused, the teacher called for the resource officer to remove her from class. Then… well… you’ve seen the video.

So this all brings up numerous- related- questions. First and most obvious, was the officer justified in his use of force? But this also calls into question the purpose of having officers in schools and also the obligations students and teachers have to each other.

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And You Thought Sex was About the Bedroom

And You Thought Sex was About the Bedroom


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I think this is becoming a once a month maximum type of thing until I graduate in a couple of years haha.

Luckily, there is no shortage of issues for me to write about: the Affordable Care Act, Miley Cyrus and appropriation, etc., etc. I am going to get to those and my ideas on them might surprise you (right now they surprise me). But today I wanted to talk about something much more dangerous than a law adults can’t agree on and a confused young adult, and that is what is commonly known as America’s Rape Culture. You thought sex was just about the bedroom? Nope!

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Originally posted on July 21st on an older version of this blog


As I am sure we have all heard in one way or another within the last year, there has been a case in Florida which has garnered national attention: The State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin. I wanted to write the last weekend about what I could, but researching the case took much longer than expected. That turned out to be good as a lot of interesting things have surfaced since the end of the trial.
I will do my best to remain impartial but as a Black man and a White man who knows the implication of this verdict, bias may slip into my logic. If you find it so, please bring it to my attention.
This will no doubt be the hardest post I have written so far as a man of logic and thought, and as a man who lives in a country where I am statistically more likely to be killed with no punishment for my destroyer just because I look a certain way and the assumptions that come with that. But that is why I must write it. And so, here we go.
Show You- Character and Its Place in Applications

Show You- Character and Its Place in Applications

Originally poster on April 22nd on an older version of this blog


I am so sorry I haven’t written a post in so long. April is a very hectic month for me as far as student group performances and finals and papers and projects and just life haha. But recently there have been a couple of stories that have peaked my interest when thinking about social justice and keeping my theme of impartiality going I was curious to see if I could write on the story of one Suzy Lee Weiss.

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Silver Linings- Seeing Small Light in the Tragedy of Newtown

Silver Linings- Seeing Small Light in the Tragedy of Newtown

Originally posted on February 17th on an older version of this blog

Today, while browsing the internet and coming across some good ol’ Sunday morning politics, I came across a story that ended with a statement from some who represents the NRA that not only peaked my interest but seemed so immoral that it couldn’t get passed up.

“The National Rifle Association distanced itself Tuesday from a comment made by a lobbyist for one of its “chartered organizations” in Wisconsin, who said recently that gun rights proponents need only to wait out the “Connecticut Effect” before passing laws loosening restrictions on guns.” (full story here)

“The brush-off came three days after Welch was recorded telling an audience at a Wisconsin state NRA meeting that the group has ‘a strong [lobbying] agenda coming up for next year, but of course a lot of that’s going to be delayed as the ‘Connecticut effect’ has to go through the process.'” (full story here) And here is an audio of his comment.

Wisconsin lobbyist Bob Welch, shown here in this 2004 photo handing out literature during his Republican primary run for the U.S. Senate.

Now, before I talk more on what I think, I went and looked up information on Bob Welch. I couldn’t find much, but here is what I found. According to his lobbying firm:

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