Why I Can Vote for Divestment: A Response

Why I Can Vote for Divestment: A Response

This Post is in Response to another op ed written in the Michigan Daily’s paper (the Michigan Daily is the student publication at the University of Michigan). The op ed can be found here. I submitted my response yesterday and did not hear back from the paper.


2 years ago, I was given a unique opportunity and asked by a friend to run in the Central Student Government elections as the representative for the School of Education. I hadn’t considered CSG before and in all honesty had no clue what CSG did or why it was important. Since I was interested in learning more about policy and politics though, I signed up. While I didn’t win that year, I was able to return to run last year and secured the spot as the representative for the School of Education. Last year also included flourishing student activism on campus, including the movement #UMDivest.

That student activism- from #BBUM to sexual assault prevention work- was the catalyst for my interest in becoming a part of CSG. It is not my belief that any representative I have had the honor of working with this year joined CSG to not make Michigan better. Our goal is to leave this great place better than we entered it. It’s a part of what makes Michigan Michigan- students who push the envelope and demand this university become better than it was before. That commitment to continuous improvement comes from our mission as a public institution. As Michigan students, we can learn about our place in this world and how we can use our knowledge, skills, and passion to make the world a better place. We owe it to the public that has both founded and maintained us to do just that, both domestically and abroad. It’s for this reason I plan to use my position on CSG to vote in favor resolution AR 4-042, “A Resolution to call upon the University of Michigan to Appoint a Committee to Investigate Investments in Socially Irresponsible companies that violate Palestinian Human Rights.”

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